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Viroclean® Anti-Allergy Memory Foam Caravan Mattress – 2-Piece Right Angled Cut & Zip-Link Attachment

Viroclean® Anti-Allergy Memory Foam Caravan Mattress – 2-Piece Right Angled Cut & Zip-Link Attachment


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Essential Care & Safety

Are your mattresses fire-safe? / Do your mattresses meet fire safety standards?

Absolutely! All our foam mattresses comply with British Standard BS7177 for fire retardancy. We prioritize your safety – look for the BS7177 label for peace of mind.

Do I need to flip my mattress?

No! Our mattresses are designed for optimal comfort and support without flipping.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

What's the ideal mattress depth?

  • Comfort: Most adults find a mattress depth between 18-25cm provides the ideal balance of support and comfort.
  • Space: If you have space limitations, we offer custom cutting to create thinner mattresses without sacrificing comfort.
  • Luxury: For those seeking extra plushness, we can craft thicker mattresses tailored to your preferences.

Best mattress thickness for kids?

  • Support & Comfort: A mattress around 15cm thick with a medium firmness offers a great balance of support and comfort for growing bodies.
  • Weight & Age: This recommendation is particularly suitable for younger children and teenagers.
  • Adjustments: As a child grows, you might consider a slightly thicker or firmer mattress for optimal long-term support.

What if I need a thinner mattress?

  • Space Constraints: We understand that space can be limited. We offer custom cutting to create mattresses that perfectly fit your needs.
  • Support Considerations: If you need a mattress thinner than 15cm, consider a firmer foam type to ensure adequate support and prevent sagging. This will help prevent you from feeling the base through the mattress.
  • Compromise: It's important to note that thinner mattresses generally compromise comfort and longevity compared to thicker options. If possible, prioritize the thickest mattress your space comfortably allows for the best sleep experience.

How do your mattresses compare to standard ones?

  • Customization: Our mattresses are made to order, allowing you to select the ideal materials, firmness, and size for your specific comfort preferences.
  • Quality: We prioritize high-quality materials and construction for lasting comfort and support.
  • Focus on You: Unlike the generic mattresses often found in homes, caravans, RVs, or boats, our goal is to provide a sleep experience that's truly tailored to your individual needs.

Order & Options Info

What is the typical lead time for a custom mattress?

We aim to deliver your custom-made mattress within 10-14 working days.

While this can sometimes vary based on complexity, we always prioritize quality and timely delivery.

Need your mattress sooner? Contact us, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

What are the different mattress options you offer?

  • Caravans: Made-to-measure mattresses and toppers for a perfect fit.
  • Motorhomes: Durable, custom mattresses and toppers for comfort on the road.
  • Campervans: Space-saving mattresses and toppers without sacrificing comfort.
  • Boats: Mould-resistant mattresses and toppers designed for marine environments.
  • Homes: Standard and bespoke mattresses and toppers for everyday comfort at home.
  • Mattress Toppers: Add extra comfort to any mattress with our made-to-measure toppers.
  • Custom Dimensions: Need a unique shape or size? We can craft a mattress to your exact specifications!

Seasonal Storage Tips

How to prevent mattress mould?

  • Dryness is Key: Before storing your mattress, ensure it's completely dry. Any trapped moisture can lead to mold growth.
  • Ventilation: Promote airflow in your storage space. Leave closet doors slightly open, or use a small fan for circulation.
  • Moisture Control: If storing in a humid environment, consider using moisture absorbers, such as silica gel packets, or a dehumidifier.
  • Protective Cover: Invest in a breathable mattress cover for an added layer of protection against moisture and dust.

What else can I do to protect my mattress in storage?

Place moisture-absorbing products like silica gel packets near the mattress and upholstery.