The Hybrid Pocket Memory Mattress

Memory Foam & Up to 2000 Springs for Balanced Comfort

Vector graphic of a pocket-sprung mattress with a cutaway view, displaying its internal structure featuring memory foam layers for enhanced comfort and pocket springs for support.

What is a Pocket Memory Hybrid Mattress?

A Pocket Memory Hybrid Mattress blends the support of pocket springs with the comfort of memory foam. This dual-system provides both responsive support and pressure relief for a balanced sleep experience.

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Discover the Advantages of 25cm (Approx. 10 Inches) Deep Pocket Memory Mattresses from MyBespoke

Our pocket memory mattresses offer the best of both worlds: the responsive support of pocket springs and the contouring comfort of memory foam. This unique combination reduces motion transfer, making for fewer sleep disruptions especially if you share the bed.

Furthermore, the memory foam layer adjusts to your body's curves for targeted pressure relief, while the pocket springs ensure a well-ventilated sleep environment. This is perfect for those warm nights when you need cooler comfort.

Together, these features make for a deeply restorative sleep experience, tailored to your unique comfort and support needs.

Illustration of a woman lying on her side, with the contour of her body visibly aligning with the shape of the pocket springs beneath her, showcasing the mattress's adaptability and support.

Responsive Touch: Dive Into the 10-Inch Deep World of Pocket Springs

Two weights displayed on a mattress, one labelled '4' for Plush and the other labelled '6' for Medium, illustrating the varying firmness levels offered by the mattress.

Choose Plush or Medium


Side-on view of a mattress with weights evenly spaced across the surface, showing varying levels of indentation to indicate a range of firmness from extra soft to extra firm.

Disclaimer: Mattress firmness is subjective and varies by individual. Heavier individuals may find mattresses softer. Our firmness ratings are based on tests with a 20cm mattress and a 13.5-stone male. Consider your weight and mattress depth, as these impact firmness perception.

Experience Ultimate Support with a Pocket Memory Mattress

Individual Springs icon, symbolizing the mattress's feature of independent pocket springs for personalized support and comfort.

Individual Spring Adaptation: Each spring operates independently, offering precise and responsive support where you need it most.

Reduced Motion Transfer icon featuring a mattress with arrows pointing left and right, indicating the mattress's ability to isolate motion and minimize disturbances.

Reduced Motion Transfer: Minimised disturbance from partner movements for uninterrupted sleep.

Pressure Point Relief icon featuring a hand pressing into a layer of memory foam, highlighting the mattress's ability to relieve pressure points for enhanced comfort.

Pressure Point Relief: Memory foam evenly distributes weight, reducing aches and enhancing comfort.

Durable Longevity icon, indicating the mattress's long-lasting construction and quality materials designed for extended use.

Durable Longevity: Crafted for resilience, our pocket springs offer long-lasting performance and support.

Mattress Fabric Quilted Cover Sample with OEKO-TEX logos

Soft, stretchy hypoallergenic material for ultimate comfort.

Cosy Knit Covers

Indulge in our plush, hypoallergenic knit cover, intricately designed with a diamond-quilted pattern and enhanced stretch, ensuring superior comfort for your restful nights.

The OEKO-TEX 100 certificate confirms our textiles have been thoroughly checked for quality and purity, ensuring they're gentle on the skin and perfect for a restful sleep.

Unveiling the 25cm Deep Luxe of Pocket Memory Comfort

Pocket springs encased in foam displayed on a workbench, illustrating the internal components and craftsmanship of the mattress.

Advantages for a Restful Sleep

Enhanced Edge Support: The foam encasement around the edges provides firmer edge support, preventing sagging or the "roll-off" feeling when sitting or lying near the edge.

Expanded Sleep Surface: With firmer edges, sleepers can utilize the full surface of the mattress without feeling like they're about to roll off.

Side view of pocket springs encased in foam on a workbench, highlighting the depth and layering of the mattress's internal structure.

Structural Perks of Foam Encasement

Improved Structural Integrity: The foam border helps maintain the shape and structure of the mattress, ensuring the edges don't compress easily, especially when sitting on them.

Increased Durability: The encased design offers additional protection to the springs at the edges, which are typically more prone to wear and tear. This can lead to a longer lifespan for the mattress.

Corner shot of our beautifully handcrafted, made-to-order mattresses, highlighting the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship involved in the mattress's construction.

Unlock Your Best Sleep Yet

Experience the ultimate in comfort with our Pocket Memory Mattress. This mattress features a precision-engineered array of pocket springs designed to tailor support to your body, ensuring you get the personalised comfort you need for a great night's sleep.

In addition to the pocket springs, our Pocket Memory Mattress also boasts the plush embrace of memory foam. This combination offers you a sleep experience that not only customises support but also cradles you in soothing, memory-infused comfort.

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