Collection: Zip and Link Mattresses with Bolster Options

Explore our collection of Zip and Link Mattresses with versatile bolster options. Shop for adaptable mattresses featuring both zip and loose bolster designs for ultimate flexibility.

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Zip and Link Mattresses with Bolster Options

Explore the World of Zip and Link Mattresses with Bolster Options

Our Zip and Link Mattresses collection brings you the ultimate in versatility. From zip link mattresses that easily transform your sleeping space to innovative designs with both zip and loose bolster options, these mattresses are tailored to suit every lifestyle and preference.

Customisable Comfort for Every Setting

Choose from a range of mattresses, including the ever-popular zip together mattress, the spacious zip and link super king mattress, and options with adjustable bolsters for added flexibility. Our mattresses are perfect for homes, hotels, and guesthouses, offering unparalleled adaptability.

Caravan and Motorhome Mattresses with Bolsters: Maximising Space and Comfort

In the unique environment of caravans and motorhomes, space is a premium commodity. That's where our range of caravan and motorhome mattresses with bolsters comes into play. These mattresses are ingeniously designed with both zip and loose bolster options to cater to the dynamic nature of mobile living.

Why Bolsters Are Essential in RVs

In many RV vehicles, bed frames are extendable, creating a larger sleeping area at night. The bolster serves an essential function here – it fills the gap created by the extended bed frame, ensuring a full, comfortable sleeping surface. In the morning, when the extra sleeping space is no longer needed, the bolster – whether it's loose or on a hinge – can be easily removed or lifted. This clever design allows the bed to be reduced back to its resting size, freeing up valuable space within the caravan or motorhome for daytime use.

This dual-purpose approach ensures that every inch of space in your mobile home is used efficiently, without compromising on the comfort of a good night's sleep.

Explore our versatile caravan and motorhome mattresses with bolsters to find the perfect fit for your on-the-road lifestyle – where practicality meets comfort.

Discover the Perfect Zip and Link Mattress with Bolster Options

Our collection offers a diverse range of mattresses, including those with a caravan bed bolster and a caravan mattress extension bolster, ensuring that you find the ideal fit for your needs.

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Embrace the innovative design of our Zip and Link Mattresses with both zip and loose bolster options. This collection is the epitome of comfort, quality, and versatility, designed to adapt to your changing needs.