Collection: Premium European-Sized Mattresses for Comfortable Sleep

The three most popular European mattress sizes are single (90cm x 200cm), double (140cm x 200cm), and king (160cm x 200cm). The most popular bed types that these European mattress sizes fit include platform beds, box springs, slatted frames, and most wood and metal bed frames.

The Three Most Popular European Size Mattresses Are:

European Single (90x200 cm): A single mattress, also known as a "single" in the UK, is perfect for children's rooms or for use as a guest bed. It's compact and provides ample space for one person without taking up too much room.

European Double (140x200 cm): A double mattress, also known as a "small double" in the UK, is a popular choice for those who want extra room to spread out or couples on the smaller side. Its compact design makes it a good fit for smaller bedrooms.

European Queen (160x200 cm): A queen-size mattress, also known as a "king" in the UK, is a luxurious choice for couples who want plenty of room for individual comfort. This size provides ample space for each person to sleep comfortably and is a popular choice for master bedrooms.