Collection: Premium European Queen Size Mattresses: 160x200cm

Measuring 160 x 200 cm (63 x 79 in), this mattress provides ample room for one person to sleep comfortably and offers extra space for those who like to stretch out. Whether furnishing your main bedroom or equipping a guest room, this Queen mattress is a great choice.

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European Queen Mattress.

The Queen mattress size of 160 x 200 cm (63 x 79 in) is a standard size for queen beds in many countries. It is designed to accommodate two people and provides a spacious sleeping surface that is ideal for couples. This size is a popular choice for master bedrooms or for those who want more room in their bed.

A Queen mattress of 160 x 200 cm (63 x 79 in) provides ample space for two people to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped. The mattress can be purchased in a variety of materials, such as foam, innerspring, or memory foam, to suit your personal preferences and sleeping needs. With a Queen mattress of this size, you and your partner can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep every night. Additionally, a Queen mattress is a good choice for single sleepers who like extra room to move around while they sleep.