Collection: Premium European Double Mattresses: 140 x 200 cm (55 x 79 in)

Measuring 140 x 200 cm (55 x 79 in), this mattress is designed to fit double bed frames and provides ample room for two people to sleep comfortably. Whether you want to upgrade your main bedroom or equip a guest room, this Double mattress is a great choice.

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European Double Mattress

The Double mattress size of 140 x 200 cm (55 x 79 in) is a standard size for double beds in many countries. It is designed to accommodate two people and provides enough space for each person to stretch out and sleep comfortably. This size is a popular choice for couples or for those who like to have extra room in their bed.

A Double mattress of 140 x 200 cm (55 x 79 in) provides a good balance of comfort and support for two people, with enough space for each person to move around without disturbing the other. The mattress can be purchased in a variety of materials, such as foam, innerspring, or memory foam, to suit your personal preferences and sleeping needs. With a Double mattress of this size, you and your partner can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep every night.