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Discover our double caravan mattresses, perfect for couples and extra sleeping space. Choose from sprung, foam, and memory foam options, various depths, and three firmness levels. We cut mattresses to any shape and size, ensuring the ideal fit and a cosy sleep experience during your adventures.

Remember, we can make caravan mattresses in any shape and size! If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us!

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Double Caravan Mattresses: Supreme Comfort for Couples and Spacious Sleepers

Welcome to our exclusive collection of double caravan mattresses, thoughtfully curated for couples and those who appreciate extra sleeping space. Crafted with comfort and quality in mind, our range of double mattresses ensures a blissful night's sleep, even when you're far from home. Dive into our selection of carefully chosen double caravan mattresses, designed to provide a luxurious and restful experience on every leg of your journey.

Bed Frame Types Suitable for Double Caravan Mattresses:

Double caravan mattresses are ideal for various bed frame configurations in caravans, motorhomes, and RVs, including:

  1. Fixed double beds: A popular choice in many caravans, fixed double beds offer a dedicated sleeping space for couples or individuals who prefer more room to stretch out.
  2. Island beds: Positioned in the center of the sleeping area with access from both sides, island beds provide a luxurious and spacious sleeping surface, ideal for a double caravan mattress.
  3. French beds: Featuring a double bed situated against one side of the caravan with a corner cut off to save space, French beds are an excellent option for those seeking a balance between comfort and practicality.
  4. Transverse beds: Running widthwise across the caravan, transverse beds usually come with an extendable bed frame. A double mattress fits well when the frame is fully extended, offering a spacious sleeping area.
  5. Convertible dinette beds: By transforming the seating and dining area into a bed, convertible dinettes create a functional sleeping space. A double caravan mattress can be used for this setup, providing additional comfort for couples or individuals who prefer more room at night.