Custom Reflex Foam Mattresses: Any Shape, Any Size, Find Your Fit

Transform Any Space into a Sleep Sanctuary with Custom-Cut Reflex Foam.

Transform your RV sleep with a custom-cut reflex foam mattress, designed for responsive support and lasting comfort, even on bumpy adventures.

With over 36 years of mattress expertise, we understand the importance of a perfect fit. Our custom reflex foam mattresses combine responsive support with tailored sizing for ultimate comfort in your unique space.

Find Your Ideal Sleep with Custom Reflex Foam

✓  Feel Supported and Responsive

Reflex foam reacts instantly to your movements, providing optimal spinal alignment and a gently buoyant feel for restless sleepers.

✓  Your Sleep Sanctuary, Any Space

Transform awkward corners or compact layouts into cosy sleep havens with a mattress tailor-made for your unique space.

✓  No More Compromises

Experience the perfect fit - your mattress, your dimensions, your ideal comfort level.

✓  Choose Your Ideal Firmness

From medium to extra-firm, our reflex foam options ensure you find your personal comfort zone for a sound night's sleep.

✓  Expertly Crafted for Lasting Comfort

Decades of experience go into every mattress, ensuring your custom reflex foam provides supportive sleep for years to come.

Starting from £189 delivered* (Single, Medium Firmness)

*We deliver free to most locations!

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  • Expertly crafted custom reflex foam mattress. Precise fit, responsive comfort, demonstrates skilled workmanship.
  • Custom reflex foam mattress for my Basecamp 6 caravan. Transformed my sleep! Perfect fit, responsive comfort, excellent service.

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Your Reflex Foam Mattress Questions Answered

Person with a thoughtful expression considering various questions related to bespoke mattresses.

Is reflex foam good for back pain?

Yes! Reflex foam's responsive nature promotes proper spinal alignment, a crucial aspect of back pain relief.

Plus, with our custom sizing, we ensure the mattress contours your body perfectly, eliminating pressure points that can worsen back pain.

For a technical breakdown of reflex foam's properties and benefits, see our comprehensive guide to reflex foam.

What's the difference between memory foam and reflex foam?

Reflex Foam

Reflex foam is springier, offering supportive and resilient cushioning, making it ideal for those seeking a more supportive sleep surface. It quickly bounces back to its original shape and is less temperature-sensitive.

Memory Foam

In contrast, memory foam is softer and conforms closely to the body's shape, providing pressure relief and personalized contouring. It responds to body heat and weight, moulding to the sleeper's form, but can retain more heat compared to reflex foam.

How durable is reflex foam?

Reflex foam, especially the high-density options we use, is known for its durability. With proper care, a quality reflex foam mattress can easily last 5-7 years or more.

We carefully source our materials and employ expert construction techniques to ensure your custom mattress provides lasting comfort.

Can I get a custom reflex foam mattress for my campervan?

Yes, absolutely! We specialize in creating custom-shaped reflex foam mattresses that transform even the most awkward campervan layouts into comfortable sleeping spaces.

Whether you need angled cuts for optimal space usage, a curved foot-end design, or any other unique customization, our expertise ensures a perfect fit and supportive sleep on the road.

Is reflex foam suitable for side sleepers?

Reflex foam can be a good choice for side sleepers. Its responsive nature helps relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders, promoting comfortable alignment.

However, the ideal firmness level depends on individual body weight and preferences. We offer a range of firmness options to ensure you find your perfect fit for side sleeping.

  • Image showcasing the foot end of an island bed mattress, highlighting the precision and elegant curve of the cut, demonstrating the mattress's finished quality.

    Perfect Curves for Unique Spaces

    Embrace vintage furniture or bay window alcoves with a custom-cut reflex foam mattress that offers both comfort and a seamless fit.

  • Image displaying a finished mattress with an expertly angled cut-off corner, illustrating the bespoke design and craftsmanship.

    Angled Solutions for Tricky Corners

    Awkward corners are no problem! Transform them into cosy sleep spaces with a reflex foam mattress precisely angled for your room's layout.

  • Image of a mattress with a precisely angled cut on the left-hand side, demonstrating tailored design and fit.

    Space-Saving Designs for Caravans

    Optimize comfort in your caravan with a custom reflex foam mattress. Angled cuts and clever designs maximize sleeping space.

  • Close-up image of a zip-and-link mattress, showing the detailed zip attachment connecting the mattress to the zip-attached bolster.

    Smart Storage, Uncompromised Comfort

    Two-piece reflex foam mattresses with zip connections provide easy access to under-bed storage, while ensuring full-body support.

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Expert Insights on Reflex Foam

Why Do Foam Mattress Prices Vary So Much?

With over 36 years in the mattress industry, I understand why foam mattress prices can seem so confusing. Here's the breakdown:

Foam Quality

This is the biggest factor. High-quality foams are denser and more durable, providing better support and lasting longer. Cheaper mattresses often use lower-density foams that sag quickly and lose their comfort. Think of it like the difference between a fluffy, light pancake and a dense, substantial one.

Global Markets

Foam production relies on petroleum products, so when those prices rise, it affects the cost of all foam mattresses. However, these fluctuations don't explain the drastic price differences you see between some brands.


When investing in a mattress, you're investing in your sleep for years to come.

Quality materials and construction ensure lasting comfort and support, making them ultimately the better value.

Not All 'Reflex Foam' Mattresses Are the Same!

Question: Can I Trust Any Mattress Labelled "Reflex Foam"?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. "Reflex Foam" is a trademarked name owned by VitaComfort for their specific high-quality foam. Sadly, some companies mislead customers by labelling mattresses "reflex foam" even if they use cheaper substitutes.

How to Protect Yourself

Manufacturer Transparency: Choose companies that clearly state they use genuine VitaComfort Reflex Foam. You can often find this information on their website or product descriptions. Learn more about genuine Reflex Foam on the VitaComfort website:

Price Check: Be wary of exceptionally cheap "reflex foam" mattresses. If the price seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Feel the Difference: If possible, compare a genuine Reflex Foam mattress (responsive, supportive) to a suspect one - you'll likely notice the quality difference.

Reflex Foam: Ideal for Caravans, Boats, and More

Can I get a custom-cut reflex foam mattress for my caravan, motorhome, or boat?

Absolutely! We specialize in creating custom-shaped reflex foam mattresses, including replacement caravan mattresses. These transform even the most awkward spaces into comfortable sleeping areas.

Whether you need angled cuts to maximize space, a design for a curved foot-end (fixed island bed), or any other unique customization, our expert craftsmanship ensures a perfect fit.

Upgrade your sleep on the road with a custom-cut reflex foam replacement caravan mattress.

2-Piece Right Curve Zip Link Reflex Foam Mattress for Caravan and Motorhome Beds

Transform Your Travels with Custom Reflex Foam

From quaint cottages to spacious RVs, we craft reflex foam mattresses designed to maximize comfort in any setting.

Experience pressure relief and tailored support, perfectly shaped for your campervan, boat, or unique living space.

Your Shape, Your Way

Standard sizes won't cut it? Our bespoke mattresses put the power of customization in your hands.

Space? No Problem!

Awkward alcoves or compact layouts? Our mattresses maximize comfort without sacrificing room.

Quality That Endures

With decades of expertise and premium materials, we craft reflex foam mattresses that support your adventures for years to come.

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