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Fast & Easy: Sketch your mattress topper with measurements and send it to WhatsApp 07769431970 for an instant custom quote.

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Get a Free Template Sheet After Ordering: Place the PVC sheet under your mattress, trace the shape, and send it back for a guaranteed fit!

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Expert Guidance: Choose a similar shape and we'll walk you through custom measurements after your order for a perfect fit.

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Fast & Easy: Sketch your mattress topper with measurements and send it to WhatsApp 07769431970 for an instant custom quote.

Measuring Made Easy!

Get the Perfect Fit, Guaranteed! Whether you use our guides or need personalised help, we're dedicated to ensuring your custom memory foam topper fits your caravan, motorhome, or boat flawlessly.

Custom Topper Measuring FAQs

Close-up image of a measuring tape laying on top of a bespoke mattress, demonstrating the focus on precise measurements for a perfect fit.

Can I send my measurements later?

Yes, absolutely! We understand getting precise measurements isn't always immediate. You can add them to your order later for a perfectly tailored mattress.

Do you have templates for measuring?

Yes! We offer image illustration templates for most common shapes.

Find our handy measuring templates here: Mattress & Topper Measuring Templates

If you're unsure which one to pick, contact us, and we'll gladly help you find the best match for your needs.

Can I send my template or drawing via WhatsApp?

Definitely! We welcome sketches, drawings, and photos via WhatsApp. The more visual information, the better we can ensure a perfect fit.

Should I provide exact measurements or leave some wiggle room?

We cut our foam to your exact measurements for a perfect fit. Here's how to adjust for wiggle room:

  • Enclosed space: Reduce measurements by 3-4 centimetres to allow for sheets.
  • Open bed frame: Provide the exact measurements, as you'll have ample space for tucking in sheets.

Need more help? See our detailed Mattress Measuring Guidelines page with a helpful video.

Can I provide measurements in feet and inches?

Yes, you can enter your measurements in any unit you prefer (cm, mm, feet, inches).

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Customer Success: Get Perfect Fit Support

I really wanted a custom-fit topper for my campervan, but I was nervous about getting the measurements right.

MyBespokeMattress's team was so helpful! They guided me every step of the way, and it fits perfectly.

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Discover Why Caravaners Choose Our Custom-Made Mattresses & Toppers

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review mentions bespoke mattress toppers for Basecamp 6 caravan, helpful online chat, and excellent communication.

    Perfect Toppers, First-Class Customer Service!

    Perfect toppers, first-class customer service! Ordered a couple of bespoke mattress toppers for our Basecamp 6 caravan.

    The online chat was incredibly helpful before we ordered, and the communication and updates were excellent throughout the process.

    There were a couple of issues when we received the mattress toppers, but these were dealt with immediately and impeccably by Angelo and resolved very quickly and perfectly.

    If the sign of a fantastic company is how they perform when things don't go as expected, then this company is beyond fantastic. Used the toppers for the first time this weekend, and they are perfect and incredibly comfortable.

    If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!! - Elaine Gibson, Hampshire.

Stay Cool & Comfortable in Any Space: Custom-Fit CoolSense Mattress Toppers

Perfect for homes, caravans, boats, and any unique space – your custom CoolSense topper fits perfectly and delivers refreshing coolness.

✓ The Ultimate Cooling Mattress Topper

Say goodbye to hot, sweaty nights. CoolSense technology promotes breathability and helps regulate your body temperature for uninterrupted rest.

✓ Perfect Fit & Cooling Comfort

Custom-designed CoolSense mattress toppers transform any caravan, motorhome, or boat into a cool, comfortable sleep haven.

✓ Experience Deep, Refreshing Sleep

CoolSense toppers wick away moisture and regulate temperature for a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience.

✓ Personalized Sleep Solution

Customize your CoolSense topper for the perfect fit and desired level of support for tailored comfort.

✓ Quality You Can Trust

Crafted with premium materials for lasting coolness and durability. Backed by our 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Illustration of a campervan mattress topper with two corners cut off on the same side.

    Compact Comfort with Corner Cut-Outs

    Don't sacrifice sleep for space! Our custom-cut CoolSense toppers with tailored corners help you reclaim every inch of your campervan bed, keeping you cool and cosy all night.

  • Illustration of a campervan mattress topper with two corner cut-outs on the same side.

    No Layout Left Behind

    Quirky caravan? Awkwardly-shaped boat cabin? No problem! Our CoolSense toppers are designed to adapt to any unique layout, ensuring breathable comfort without the compromises.

  •  Illustration of a mattress topper with one corner cut off, designed for VW campervans.

    VW Campervan Coolness Upgrade

    Transform your VW campervan into a haven of cool sleep. Our CoolSense cooling toppers are tailored for your specific VW model, providing custom comfort throughout the night.

  • Illustration of a mattress topper with a shape designed to fit a boat hull.

    Sleep Cool on the Water

    Experience the ultimate in boat-bed luxury with a custom-fit CoolSense topper. Banish hot, sticky nights and enjoy refreshing sleep on the waves.

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