Collection: Space-Saving Small Double Mattresses: 120 x 190 cm (47 x 75 in)

Our small double mattress offers the perfect solution for those who need a compact and comfortable sleeping surface. With options for reflex foam, memory foam, and pocket springs, you can find the perfect combination of support and comfort to suit your individual needs. 

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4ft Small Double Mattress: Ample Room for Two People.

The Small Double mattress is a compact and comfortable sleeping solution designed for those who have limited space in their bedroom. Measuring 120 x 190 cm, this mattress provides ample room for two people to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped. Whether you're looking for a mattress for a guest room or a small master bedroom, this size is a perfect choice.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this Small Double mattress offers a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface for two people. The mattress can be purchased in a variety of materials, including foam, innerspring, and memory foam, each offering unique benefits and features to ensure you both get a good night's sleep. With its compact size, this mattress is a space-saving solution that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support.

So if you're looking for a comfortable and compact mattress that won't take up too much space in your bedroom, the Small Double mattress is a great choice. Enjoy a good night's sleep every night with this cozy and supportive sleeping surface, designed for two people.