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The CoolSense Memory Foam Mattress

What is CoolSense Foam? 

Discover the future of sleep with CoolSense Foam. Our advanced mattresses offer 30 times more airflow than traditional memory foam, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience.

CoolSense Foam features an open-cell structure, enhancing breathability significantly. Coupled with durable cell walls, this foam ensures longevity. It's more than just a material; it's a commitment to cooler, more rejuvenating nights, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the day.

Experience CoolSense Foam in Action

Witness the remarkable adaptability of our meticulously designed CoolSense foam. In a demonstration video, one of our dedicated team members showcases how this foam perfectly cradles the contours of a 13.5-stone body. This video, featured in our CoolSense Foam Collection, highlights the unique qualities of CoolSense, providing an insight into its comfort and support capabilities.



The Advantages of CoolSense Foam

CoolSense foam redefines your sleep experience by crafting an optimal environment for rest. It goes beyond merely offering support; it significantly enhances air circulation for a more revitalizing sleep. The foam's innovative open-cell structure, paired with sturdy cell walls, ensures not just longevity but also consistent, luxurious comfort.

  • Moisture-Wicking and Heat Dissipation: CoolSense actively works to wick away moisture and disperse heat, effectively keeping night sweats at bay. For those looking for a cooler sleep solution, explore our CoolSense Foam Mattress Collection.
  • Body-Contouring Comfort: This foam effortlessly molds to your body, providing a personalized comfort experience that adapts to every curve.
  • Cooler Sleep Environment: CoolSense reduces heat build-up, ensuring you enjoy cooler nights and uninterrupted rest. To experience this cooling technology, visit our CoolSense Foam Options.
  • Exceptional Full-Body Support: Offering support that rivals traditional springs, CoolSense provides a foundation that cradles your entire body.
  • Microclimate Harmony: Throughout the night, CoolSense works in sync with your body's microclimate, maintaining a balanced and comfortable sleeping temperature.

Experience a new level of comfort and cooling with CoolSense foam, a game-changer in enhancing sleep quality and comfort.


    Heat Dissipation

    CoolSense Foam vs. Traditional Memory Foam: A Thermal Imaging Comparison

    Thermal imaging vividly showcases the remarkable difference between CoolSense Foam and traditional memory foam brands. Through these images, the efficacy of CoolSense Foam becomes strikingly clear. It boasts an impressive 30 times faster heat dissipation compared to leading brands, significantly enhancing the sleeping experience.

    This advanced heat management capability of CoolSense Foam means you can enjoy a cooler and deeper sleep, free from the discomfort of overheating. The thermal imaging results underline CoolSense's innovative approach to mattress technology, offering not just comfort, but a scientifically-backed cooler sleep environment.

    These findings highlight why CoolSense Foam stands out in the market, providing tangible benefits for those seeking a restful night without the warmth often associated with traditional memory foams.

    CoolSense vs. Leading Viscoelastic Memory Foam Brand.

    Thermal image of a handprint on CoolSense Foam aillustrating rapid heat dissipation for a noticeably cooler surface.

    Thermal images taken at 0 minutes and 1 minute after the hand had been removed.