Traverse Beds in British Caravans: A Guide to How they Work, Their Shapes, and Sizes -

Traverse Beds in British Caravans: A Guide to How they Work, Their Shapes, and Sizes

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Traverse Bed?
  3. Mechanics of a Traverse Bed
  4. Available Shapes of Traverse Beds
  5. Sizes of Traverse Beds
  6. British Caravan Brands That Use Traverse Beds
  7. Advantages of a Traverse Bed
  8. How to Choose the Right Traverse Bed for Your Caravan
  9. Conclusion


Traverse beds are a popular feature in many British caravans. These beds are designed to save space while providing a comfortable sleeping area but you will likely need a custom-size mattress to match. If you are considering purchasing a British caravan, it's important to understand how traverse beds work and what options are available. In this article, we will explore the mechanics of traverse beds, their shapes and sizes, and the British caravan brands that use them.

What is a Traverse Bed? 

A traverse bed is a type of bed positioned across the width of a caravan rather than along the length. This allows for more floor space and can make the caravan feel more spacious overall. Traverse beds are typically located at the rear of the caravan and can be raised or lowered to create additional storage space underneath.

Mechanics of a Traverse Bed

Traverse beds are not only space-saving but also designed to be lightweight and easy to operate. Most traverse beds are equipped with a system of springs and counterweights that make raising and lowering the bed a breeze. Some models even have a gas strut system that simplifies the lifting process. In addition to these features, the mattress can be lifted using a simple mechanism, which allows you to access the storage space underneath the bed.

One of the most significant advantages of a traverse bed is its pull-out feature. Pulling out a section of the bed frame can create additional sleeping space. This feature is handy for taller people who prefer not to have their feet dangling over the end of the bed frame. The amount of length added to the bed when the traverse bed is pulled out depends on the specific model and design of the caravan. Pulling out the traverse bed can add a few inches to a foot or more of additional sleeping space. Therefore, it's important to check the specifications of your particular caravan model to determine exactly how much extra space is added when the traverse bed is extended, especially if you plan to buy a replacement mattress.

However, when the bed is extended, it creates a large gap between the mattress and the wall of the caravan. This gap can leave a significant void or hole where your pillows usually sit. To fill this gap, custom mattresses come with bolsters. These bolsters are not meant for resting your head but instead serve as filler cushions that fit neatly into the space created when a bed is extended.

Available Shapes of Traverse Beds

Traverse beds are available in several different shapes to fit the specific design of a caravan. The most common shapes include rectangular, corner, and U-shaped. The U-Shaped beds are more commonly called Island Beds. Rectangular traverse beds are the most basic and are typically found in smaller caravans. Corner and U-shaped traverse beds are more complex and are often found in larger caravans. A memory foam mattress for a caravan island bed is always recommended because it is readily available from many custom mattress makers and is affordable.

Sizes of Traverse Beds

Traverse beds come in various sizes to fit different caravan models. The most common sizes are single, double, and twin. Single traverse beds are typically found in smaller caravans, while double and twin beds are more common in larger caravans.

British Caravan Brands That Use Traverse Beds

Several British caravan brands use traverse beds in their models. These include Bailey, Elddis, Lunar, Swift, and Coachman. Each brand offers different models with different features and designs, so it's important to research each to find the best fit for your needs.

Advantages of a Traverse Bed

Traverse beds offer several advantages over traditional caravan bed designs. They save space and provide additional storage, especially in smaller caravans. They also offer a unique design element that can add character to a caravan.

How to Choose the Right Traverse Bed for Your Caravan

When choosing a traverse bed, consider the size and shape that will work best for your needs. Consider how much storage space you need and whether a gas strut system would benefit you—research different brands and models to find the best fit for your caravan.

In closing, Traverse caravan beds are popular in many British caravans. Understanding how they work and what options are available can help you choose the best caravan for your needs. By considering traverse beds' mechanics, shapes, and sizes, you can make an informed decision and enjoy a comfortable sleeping space in your caravan.

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