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Custom Comfort Afloat

Finding the Right Boat Mattress for Your Needs

Getting a good night's sleep aboard your boat keeps you refreshed and ready for aquatic adventures. With so many types of boats and sleeping quarters, it's important to choose a mattress tailored to your specific space and needs.

Sailboats - In sailboats, mattresses are often found in V-berths at the bow and aft cabins. These triangular spaces require angled mattresses with precision cuts. Bunk mattresses provide restful sleep in cabins with built-in beds. Waterproof and quick-drying foams ensure comfort whether docked or at sea.

Powerboats - Cuddy cabins in powerboats allow for island bed mattresses with rounded corners to maximize space. Infill cushions convert settees to beds for flexibility. Bolsters provide back support for seating. Shock-absorbing foams reduce vibration for smooth sailing.

Houseboats - Spacious houseboats accommodate all bed sizes. Island mattresses with storage drawers maximize living space. Sofa sleepers and bunk beds provide versatile accommodations for guests. Durable, breathable covers withstand heavy usage in fresh or saltwater environments.

Pontoon Boats - Pontoons often have C-shaped lounge mattresses to transform bow seating into beds. Corner bunks efficiently utilize small sleeping quarters. Durable vinyl and marine-grade fabrics resist mould and withstand the elements.

Yachts - Luxury yacht mattresses come in all sizes for master suites, VIP staterooms and crew cabins. Custom fabrics like silk and jacquard create luxury. Latex and memory foams provide cloud-like comfort with cooling benefits.

Fishing Boats - Lean into functionality with your fishing boat mattress. Storage seats with hinged cushions flip down to beds. Removable berth covers clean easily. Durable closed cell foams and cotton bunk protectors make maintenance simple between trips.

Personal Watercraft - For smaller watercraft, choose a portable, roll-up foam mattress. Look for weatherproof materials with UV protection. Compact sizes stow away easily yet provide cushy padding for naps anchored on the water.

Understanding typical sleeping arrangements by boat style allows you to select the ideal mattress for your maritime needs.

With custom sizing and purpose-built materials, you'll sail away to dreamland in prime floating comfort.

Lorry Mattresses

Custom Comfort for Long Hauls

Why Upgrading Your Lorry Mattress Improves Your Work and Rest

Life on the road as a long-distance lorry driver is demanding. Your mattress is your only respite. But an old worn out mattress in your sleeper cab can disrupt much needed sleep and recovery.

Upgrading to a customized lorry mattress designed for your make and model can transform your rest and working life.

Here's how:

Perfect Contours - A mattress tailored to your cab's dimensions cradles your body's natural curves without painful pressure points.

Lumbar Support - Targeted zoned support and ergonomic shaping provides exceptional lower back comfort so you wake pain-free.

Temperature Regulation - Advanced cooling gels and breathable covers keep you comfortably cool, not sweaty, for deeper sleep.

Stow and Go - Compact durable foams fold up easily when you need access to storage under your bed.

Noise Reduction - Purpose-built materials absorb road vibration and noise for undisturbed rest.

Odour/Allergen Resistant - Antimicrobial treatments prevent mould, mildew and dust mites from disturbing your breathing.

Your lorry cab is your office and your home while on the road.

Be sure your mattress delivers the customized support and comfort needed to stay sharp, safe, and well-rested every haul.