Discover the perfect island mattress shape to transform your caravan or motorhome sleep experience.

Choose from standard designs, bolsters, pentagonal foot-ends, and more to find the ideal fit for your unique space.


Pick the Shape That's Closest

On the next page (Step 3), you'll choose your mattress size and depth, and enter your custom measurements for a perfect fit.

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Don't see your shape? No problem!

We can create a custom island mattress to perfectly match your caravan's unique layout, including those with unusual curves or angles.

Fast & Easy: Sketch your mattress with measurements and send it to WhatsApp 07769431970 for an instant custom quote.

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Get a Perfectly Fitting Custom Mattress

Choose the option that works best for you

✓ Option 1

Get a Free Template Sheet After Ordering: Place the PVC sheet under your mattress, trace the shape, and send it back for a guaranteed fit!

✓ Option 2

Expert Guidance: Choose a similar shape and we'll walk you through custom measurements after your order for a perfect fit.

✓ Option 3

Fast & Easy: Sketch your mattress with measurements and send it to WhatsApp 07769431970 for an instant custom quote.

Measuring Made Easy!

Get the Perfect Fit, Guaranteed! Whether you use our guides or need personalised help, we're here to make sure your mattress fits perfectly.

Custom Mattress Measuring FAQs

Close-up image of a measuring tape laying on top of a bespoke mattress, demonstrating the focus on precise measurements for a perfect fit.

Can I send my measurements later?

Yes, absolutely! We understand getting precise measurements isn't always immediate. You can add them to your order later for a perfectly tailored mattress.

Do you have templates for measuring?

Yes! We offer image illustration templates for most common shapes.

Find our handy measuring templates here: Mattress Measuring Templates

If you're unsure which one to pick, contact us, and we'll gladly help you find the best match for your needs.

Can I send my template or drawing via WhatsApp?

Definitely! We welcome sketches, drawings, and photos via WhatsApp. The more visual information, the better we can ensure a perfect fit.

Should I provide exact measurements or leave some wiggle room?

We cut our foam to your exact measurements for a perfect fit. Here's how to adjust for wiggle room:

  • Enclosed space: Reduce measurements by 3-4 centimetres to allow for sheets.
  • Open bed frame: Provide the exact measurements, as you'll have ample space for tucking in sheets.

Need more help? See our detailed Mattress Measuring Guidelines page with a helpful video.

Can I provide measurements in feet and inches?

Yes, you can enter your measurements in any unit you prefer (cm, mm, feet, inches).

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Feeling Supported

MyBespokeMattress Guided the Way

I was hesitant about ordering a custom mattress, especially figuring out the measurements.

MyBespokeMattress's team was amazing! They walked me through the process and made it so simple. - John L. | Warwickshire

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Transform Your Caravan Sleep Experience with a Custom Island Mattress

✓ Maximize Space

Optimize every inch of your caravan with a perfectly tailored island mattress, enhancing comfort and creating a more spacious feel.

✓ Effortless Access & Comfort

Enjoy the freedom of movement and luxurious sleep experience provided by an island mattress in your caravan or motorhome.

✓ Personalized Fit

Choose your ideal island mattress shape (standard, bolster, pentagonal, etc.) for a seamless fit within your caravan's unique layout.

✓ Design Your Dream Sleep Space

Elevate your caravan's interior and create your ultimate sleep sanctuary with a custom island mattress that reflects your style.

✓ Easy Under-Bed Access

Enjoy convenient storage solutions with custom split-mattress island designs, perfect for easy access to under-bed areas in your caravan or motorhome.

  • Spacious Island Comfort

    Maximize space and legroom in your caravan.

  • 2-Piece Storage-Friendly Island

    Combine comfort with under-bed storage access.

  • Bolster-Enhanced Comfort

    Enjoy extended bed space and continuous comfort.

  • Unique Space Saver

    Optimize layout in any motorhome with a modern design.

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  • Customer testimonial about a bespoke mattress with an angled corner cut, with a customer image and her new angled cut custom mattress.

    Awkward Corner Solution

    "We have a bedroom with an odd angled corner cutout, and finding a mattress seemed impossible. MyBespokeMatress created a perfect fit! Now we don't waste an inch of space." - Sara T.

  • Customer testimonial about a bespoke mattress with an angled corner cut, with a customer image and her new angled cut custom mattress.

    Caravan Comfort

    "Upgrading our caravan mattress was a game-changer! MyBespokeMattress customized the shape for our curved transverse bed. Finally, a comfortable night's sleep on the road." - Mark & Jenny L.

  • Customer testimonial about a bespoke mattress fitting around brickwork in a loft conversion, with a customer image and their new custom mattress.

    Unique Space, Perfect Fit

    "I have a loft conversion with some protruding brickwork. I thought I'd be stuck with an uncomfortable mattress. MyBespokeMattress's custom shape makes my tiny room feel luxurious!" - Wendy.

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review mentions bespoke mattress toppers for Basecamp 6 caravan, helpful online chat, and excellent communication.

    Elaine Gibson

    Perfect toppers, first class customer service. Ordered a couple of bespoke mattress toppers for our Basecamp 6 caravan. The online chat was incredibly helpful before we ordered and the communication and updates were excellent throughout the process.

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review praises mattress made to exact specifications and early delivery.

    Pete Dunning

    The mattress was constructed exactly to my specifications. Correct size (lots of potential for error there) and correct support plus it arrived a few days earlier than expected which was a bonus.

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review praises WhatsApp quote for custom campervan mattress, easy ordering process, and excellent customer service.

    John Campbell

    Got in touch with Angelo via the WhatsApp business number and had a quote for a weird shaped mattress for a campervan conversion within a day. Straightforward ordering process and mattress arrived on time, well packaged and fits perfectly. Great customer service and support and I can only highly recommend