• Island bed mattress - 3D render - comfortable sleep solution.

    Island Caravan Mattresses

    Custom-shaped caravan mattresses and toppers designed for easy access and a perfect fit in island bed layouts.

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  • Banner showcasing the Viroclean® Mattress and Toppers, the first-ever bedding solutions designed to protect against COVID with advanced antiviral and antibacterial technology.


    Sleep Safe & Clean in Your Caravan: Viroclean® Mattresses & Toppers for Hygienic Travel.

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  • Image of a car with a touring caravan attached, parked near the edge of a breath-taking remote beach, showcasing the beauty and tranquillity of caravan holidays.

    Touring Caravan Mattresses

    Replacement mattresses and toppers for a better night's sleep in your caravan.

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  • Image depicting a custom-size bed beautifully made up with pillows, bed sheets, and a duvet, highlighting the comfort and versatility of our bespoke, made-to-measure mattresses.

    Find Your Perfect Fit: Bespoke Mattresses

    Maximize comfort in your caravan or motorhome with a custom-shaped mattress tailored to your unique space.

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  • Upgrade Your Comfort: Made-to-Measure Toppers

    Enhance your caravan or campervan sleep experience with a custom-fit topper for ultimate comfort.

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  • Image of a motorhome comfortably parked in a scenic grass field, with a lush forest serving as the perfect backdrop to this idyllic setting.

    Custom Mattresses for Motorhomes

    Maximize comfort in your motorhome with mattresses tailored to your unique layout.

    Design Your Motorhome Mattress 
  • Image of a family happily leaning against their orange VW campervan, parked on a road surrounded by the tranquillity of a woodland setting.

    Campervan Mattresses for Restful Road Trips

    Enjoy a comfortable night's sleep with a custom-fit mattress for your campervan.

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  • Upgrade Your Static Caravan Sleep

    Custom or standard-sized mattresses for lasting comfort in static caravans and holiday homes.

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  • Image of a sleek motor yacht moored peacefully in a calm harbour, reflecting on the still sea.

    Boat Mattresses: Custom-Fit for Your Vessel

    Enhance your sleep on the water with custom mattresses and toppers designed for boat interiors.

    Design Your Boat Mattress 

Design Your Perfect Fit Mattress for Caravans & Campervans

  • Island Bed Mattress (Caravan)

    Elegant curves, perfect fit for transverse and fixed island beds.

  • Corner Cut Caravan Mattress

    Custom cut for a snug fit in unique caravan layouts.

  • Left/Right Cut Mattress

    Get the ideal fit for your caravan's unique bed layout.

  • Zip Link Caravan Mattress

    Flexible comfort, ideal for extendable beds and storage access.

Rated 4.6 Stars on Trustpilot

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review praises mattress made to exact specifications and early delivery.

    Pete Dunning

    The mattress was constructed exactly to my specifications. Correct size (lots of potential for error there) and correct support plus it arrived a few days earlier than expected which was a bonus.

  • John Campbell

    Got in touch with Angelo via the WhatsApp business number and had a quote for a weird shaped mattress for a campervan conversion within a day. Straightforward ordering process and mattress arrived on time, well packaged and fits perfectly. Great customer service and support and I can only highly recommend

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review mentions bespoke mattress toppers for Basecamp 6 caravan, helpful online chat, and excellent communication.

    Elaine Gibson

    Perfect toppers, first class customer service. Ordered a couple of bespoke mattress toppers for our Basecamp 6 caravan. The online chat was incredibly helpful before we ordered and the communication and updates were excellent throughout the process.

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  • Find perfect comfort in any space with MyBespokeMattress.com. We specialize in bespoke custom-sized mattresses and toppers designed for caravans, campervans, motorhomes, boats, and other unique sleeping areas. Our UK-based team is dedicated to enhancing your sleep experience, no matter where your adventures take you.

  • Choose from pocket spring, hybrid, memory foam, and even Viroclean® options for tailored comfort. We make it easy to upgrade your sleep in unconventional spaces. Simply provide your desired shape, size, and mattress type, and we'll create the perfect fit. Ready to transform your sleep on the road?