The Encyclopaedia of RV Beds and Mattresses

Your Complete Guide to On-the-Road Comfort

  • Standard Twin Bed: Single-person bed, often found in pairs.
  • Standard Full/Double Bed: Wider than a twin, comfortable for one or cosy for two.
  • Queen Bed: Larger than a full bed, common in master bedrooms of RVs.
  • King Bed: The widest standard bed type, offering maximum space.
  • Bunk Beds: Space-saving design, great for kids or additional guests.
  • Convertible Dinette Bed: A dining area that converts into a bed.
  • Jackknife Sofa: A sofa that folds down flat to form a bed.
  • Pull-Out Sofa Bed: A sofa that transforms into a bed by pulling out a mattress.
  • Murphy Bed: A fold-down bed that can be stored vertically against a wall.
  • Drop-Down Bed: A bed that drops down from the ceiling or upper wall.
  • Cab-Over Bed: A bed located over the cab area, common in Class C RVs.
  • Corner Bed: A bed tucked into the corner, often with cut-off corners.
  • Island Bed: A bed surrounded by walkways on all sides.
  • Folding Campervan Mattress: A foldable mattress for campervans.
  • Campervan Roll-Up Mattress: A mattress that can be rolled up for storage.
  • Air Mattress: An inflatable bed, useful as a temporary or guest bed.
  • Adjustable Bed: A bed with adjustable head and foot sections.
  • Twin King Bed: Two twin beds that can be combined to form a king bed.
  • French Bed: A bed with one side against the wall, with a curved or angled end.
  • Alcove Bed: A bed in a niche or recessed space.
  • Tilt-Away Bed: A bed that can tilt up to create more daytime space.
  • Futon Bed: A foldable foam mattress that doubles as a couch.


Transverse Bed:

What is a Transverse Bed: A Transverse Bed is a bed positioned perpendicular to the length of the vehicle. It extends across the width of the interior, typically situated at the rear.

Where are they commonly installed: Transverse beds are most commonly installed at the rear end of motorhomes or touring caravans. This placement allows for efficient use of space, providing a full-width sleeping area in a compact layout and usually allowing access to both sides of the bed.

Average size: The average size of a Transverse Bed varies depending on the vehicle's width. However, they typically range from the width of a small double to a standard double bed size, approximately 4 feet 6 inches (135 cm) wide, with the length varying based on the RV's design.


  • Space Efficiency: Utilizes the width of the vehicle, saving space lengthwise.
  • Ease of Access: Often easier to get in and out of compared to other bed types in a confined space.
  • Comfort: Can comfortably accommodate two people, offering a larger sleeping area.
  • Privacy: Located at the rear, it can offer more privacy from the main living area.


  • Limited Headroom: In some designs, the headroom can be limited, especially near the rear of the vehicle.
  • Access to Bed: Can be difficult to access for the person sleeping on the inside, closer to the vehicle wall.
  • Reduced Living Space: When the bed is in use, it can limit the available living or storage space at the rear.
  • Fixed Position: Unlike convertible beds, it doesn’t free up space when not in use.

Mattress Options: For those looking to outfit their motorhome or touring caravan with a suitable mattress, the MyBespokeMattress - Island Mattresses Collection offers customized solutions that can perfectly fit the unique dimensions of transverse beds, enhancing the comfort and convenience of your travel experience.


  • Dinette Bed: A bed that converts from a dining area.
  • Transverse Rear Bed: Located at the rear, running across the width of the RV.
  • French Bed: A bed with one side against the wall, with a curved or angled end.
  • Nearside Bed: A bed located on the nearside or passenger side of the RV.
  • Offside Bed: Positioned on the offside or driver’s side of the RV.
  • Drop-Down Lounge: A bed that drops down over the lounge area.
  • Drop-Down Rear Lounge: A bed in the rear lounge that can be lowered from above.
  • Drop-Down Cab: A bed that drops down over the cab area.
  • Pop-Top Bed: A bed situated in the pop-top or raised roof section of a campervan.
  • Cot Bed: A compact, portable bed, often used for temporary sleeping arrangements.