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Lorry & Boat Mattresses

Find serenity on land and sea with our bespoke mattresses for lorries and boats. Designed to fit the unique dimensions of your vehicle or vessel, each mattress is crafted to provide unparalleled comfort and support. Enjoy a restful sleep wherever your travels take you.

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Sunseeker Sport Boat custom-fitted mattress by MyBespoke Mattress, designed for ultimate comfort at sea

Sunseeker Sport Boat with Custom Bespoke Mattress for Sea Comfort.

Replacement Lorry & Boat Mattresses

Upgrade your sleep experience with our customised replacement mattresses. Precision-crafted to your exact requirements, our mattresses provide a snug fit in the confined spaces of lorries and boats. Journey in comfort, knowing that restorative rest is just a mattress away.

Custom-made lorry cab mattress by MyBespoke Mattress, designed for optimal comfort and restful sleep on long hauls

Pictured: Lorry Cab with Custom MyBespoke Mattress for Long-Haul Comfort.

Custom Mattresses for Lorries and Boats

Take the comfort of a good night's sleep with you, whether you're at sea or on the long haul. At MyBespoke Mattress, we offer tailor-made mattresses that fit the specific needs of your lorry or boat.

Using cutting-edge foams and hybrid pocket springs, we provide options for a made-to-measure mattress that guarantees both comfort and durability. Choose from our extensive range and sleep soundly, wherever you are.