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CoolSense - 30X More Airflow - Keeps You Cool Keeps You Rested

Hand pressing into a block of CoolSense foam, demonstrating the foam's unique cooling properties and responsiveness.

What is CoolSense Foam

Discover the Future of Sleep with CoolSense Foam. Our advanced mattresses offer 30x more airflow than traditional memory foam, ensuring a cooler sleep experience.

CoolSense Foam features an open-cell structure for enhanced breathability and durable cell walls for longevity. It's not just a material, but a promise of cooler, rejuvenating nights, helping you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

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Experience CoolSense Foam in Action

Witness how our meticulously designed CoolSense foam seamlessly adapts and cradles the distinctive contours of a 13.5 stone body, showcased by one of our committed team experts.

Illustration of a woman lying on her side on a memory foam mattress, which molds around her body. Green dots along her back indicate how the mattress helps keep her spine aligned.

Heat Dissipation

Through thermal imaging, the striking difference between CoolSense Foam and leading memory foam brands is evident. Our images highlight CoolSense – impressive 30x faster – heat dissipation, promising a cooler, deeper sleep.

  • Thermal image capturing a handprint on ReVo™ Foam at 0 minutes, showing immediate heat signature.

    0 mins

    CoolSense Foam

  • Thermal image of a handprint on ReVo™ Foam at 1 minute, colors have transitioned to blue, illustrating rapid heat dissipation for a noticeably cooler surface.

    1 min

    CoolSense Foam

  • Thermal image capturing a handprint on a leading brand's visco foam at 0 minutes, displaying red and yellow colours, indicating the initial heat signature

    0 mins

    Leading Brand

  • Thermal image of a handprint on a leading brand's visco foam at 1 minute, colors remaining red and yellow, indicating that the foam retains heat and dissipates it more slowly compared to CoolSense Foam.

    1 min

    Leading Brand

Thermal images taken at 0 minutes and 1 minute after the hand had been removed.

Choose From Plush, Medium or Firm (Orthopaedic)

While all our CoolSense mattresses come with a luxurious 5cm top layer that's soft, springy, and responsive, it's the base layer where you can personalise your comfort. Choose from plush, medium, or firm (orthopaedic) to fine-tune the mattress's overall firmness to your specific needs.

  • Firmness icon labeled '4' alongside the words 'Soft Plush,' indicating the mattress has a soft and plush comfort level.


  • Medium

  • Firmness icon labeled '8' alongside the words 'Firm,' indicating the mattress has a Firm comfort level.

    Firm (Orthopaedic)

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Side-on view of a mattress with weights evenly spaced across the surface, showing varying levels of indentation to indicate a range of firmness from extra soft to extra firm.

Disclaimer: Mattress firmness is subjective and varies by individual. Heavier individuals may find mattresses softer. Our firmness ratings are based on tests with a 20cm mattress and a 13.5-stone male. Consider your weight and mattress depth, as these impact firmness perception.

Experience the Sleep Revolution with CoolSense Foam

Thermometer icon with a snowflake, suggesting that the CoolSense mattress provides a cool sleeping experience.

Open-celled CoolSense rapidly dissipates heat for cooler sleep.

Icon of a mattress with arrows penetrating through it, text indicating '30x greater airflow' to highlight the superior breathability and heat dissipation of the mattress compared to normal visco foam.

CoolSense delivers 30x greater airflow than visco-elastic mattresses.

Icon featuring an arrow hitting the mattress and then bouncing off in a different direction, illustrating the mattress's springy, responsive performance.

CoolSense: Spring-like support with robust full-body balance.

Roll-Packed Mattress icon, indicating that the mattress comes compressed and rolled for easy transportation and setup.

Convenient Delivery: Roll-packed mattress for effortless setup and placement.

Mattress Fabric Quilted Cover Sample with OEKO-TEX logos

Soft, stretchy hypoallergenic material for ultimate comfort.

Cosy Knit Covers

Indulge in our plush, hypoallergenic knit cover, intricately designed with a diamond-quilted pattern and enhanced stretch, ensuring superior comfort for your restful nights.

The OEKO-TEX 100 certificate confirms our textiles have been thoroughly checked for quality and purity, ensuring they're gentle on the skin and perfect for a restful sleep.

Unveil the Cool Comfort Inside with CoolSense