Frustrated with a Thin, Unsupportive Topper?

Is a 2.5cm (1-inch) topper too thin, leaving you feeling the mattress below and waking up with aches and pains?

Upgrade Your Sleep

Experience the plush comfort and support of our luxurious 5cm (2-inch) memory foam mattress toppers, expertly crafted to cradle your body, relieve pressure points, and provide truly rejuvenating sleep.

What's Your Perfect Caravan Topper?

Browse Our Caravan Topper Collection: Memory Foam, Cooling Foam, & Anti-Allergy Options (All Made-to-Measure)

Signature TENCEL™ Memory Foam Topper for Caravans

TENCEL™ Fabric for enhanced breathability and a luxurious feel. Premium high-density memory foam provides exceptional pressure relief and motion isolation, ensuring a restful night's sleep in your caravan.

5 Stars

Premium Comfort, Great Value: Starting at £149

5cm (2 inches), 7.5cm (3 inches)

FREE Delivery to England & Wales. Scotland: £19.99

Customize Your Signature Topper

Coolsense™ Cooling Foam Caravan Topper

Beat the heat and sleep soundly with our Coolsense™ cooling topper. Experience 30x enhanced breathability, superior temperature regulation, and moisture-wicking CoolPlus® fabric for a refreshing night's sleep in your caravan, motorhome, or campervan.

5 Stars

Advanced Cooling Technology: Starting at £229

7.5cm (3 inches)

FREE Delivery to England & Wales. Scotland: £19.99

Customize Your Coolsense™ Topper

Viroclean® Anti-Allergy Mattress Topper for Caravans

Sleep soundly with our Viroclean® anti-allergy mattress topper, designed for a healthier and more hygienic sleep environment in your caravan. This custom-fit topper fights viruses and bacteria, reduces allergens and odours, and offers certified protection.

5 Stars

Cleaner, Healthier Sleep: Starting at £259

7.5cm (3 inches)

FREE Delivery to England & Wales. Scotland: £19.99

Customize Your Viroclean® Topper

Discover Why Caravaners Choose Our Custom-Made Mattresses & Toppers

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review mentions bespoke mattress toppers for Basecamp 6 caravan, helpful online chat, and excellent communication.

    Perfect Toppers, First-Class Customer Service!

    Perfect toppers, first-class customer service! Ordered a couple of bespoke mattress toppers for our Basecamp 6 caravan.

    The online chat was incredibly helpful before we ordered, and the communication and updates were excellent throughout the process.

    There were a couple of issues when we received the mattress toppers, but these were dealt with immediately and impeccably by Angelo and resolved very quickly and perfectly.

    If the sign of a fantastic company is how they perform when things don't go as expected, then this company is beyond fantastic. Used the toppers for the first time this weekend, and they are perfect and incredibly comfortable.

    If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!! - Elaine Gibson, Hampshire.

Upgrade Your Sleep with Custom-Fit Mattress Toppers

Experience the difference a perfect fit makes! Our custom-designed mattress toppers ensure:

✓ Seamless Fit

Say goodbye to gaps and bunching. Get a topper tailored to your caravan, motorhome, or boat's unique bed for maximum comfort.

✓ Personalized Support

Choose your ideal mattress topper type for targeted comfort and a restful night.

✓ Luxurious Comfort on the Go

Enjoy the plush feel of premium fabrics and travel-friendly designs that roll up for easy storage.

  • Illustration of a campervan mattress topper with two corners cut off on the same side.

    Corner Cut-Out Comfort

    Maximize space in your campervan bed with a custom topper featuring perfectly angled cuts for a seamless fit.

  • Illustration of a campervan mattress topper with two corner cut-outs on the same side.

    Unique Layouts? No Problem!

    Custom-cut toppers seamlessly fit any caravan, motorhome, or campervan with unusual corners or obstacles.

  • Illustration of a mattress topper with a shape designed to fit a boat hull.

    Upgrade Your Boat Sleep

    Enjoy a perfect fit and luxurious comfort on the water with a custom-shaped boat mattress topper.

  •  Illustration of a mattress topper with one corner cut off, designed for VW campervans.

    Upgrade Your VW Campervan Sleep

    Enjoy a perfect fit and luxurious comfort on the road with a custom-shaped topper designed specifically for VW campervans.

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  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review praises WhatsApp quote for custom campervan mattress, easy ordering process, and excellent customer service.

    John Campbell

    Got in touch with Angelo via the WhatsApp business number and had a quote for a weird shaped mattress for a campervan conversion within a day. Straightforward ordering process and mattress arrived on time, well packaged and fits perfectly. Great customer service and support and I can only highly recommend

  • Customer photo with 5-star Trustpilot rating. Review praises mattress made to exact specifications and early delivery.

    Pete Dunning

    The mattress was constructed exactly to my specifications. Correct size (lots of potential for error there) and correct support plus it arrived a few days earlier than expected which was a bonus.

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Custom Comfort for Any Space: Made-to-Measure Mattress Toppers

Unlike competitors with limited options, our bespoke mattresses put the power of customization in your hands.

✓ The Perfect Fit: Custom Mattress Toppers for Any Space

Say goodbye to ill-fitting toppers and restless nights. Our made-to-measure designs ensure a seamless fit and personalized comfort in your caravan, motorhome, or boat.

✓ Upgrade Your Travel Sleep: Customized Comfort on the Go

No matter how unique your space or comfort needs, we can craft a mattress that fits your life effortlessly.

✓ Your Sleep Sanctuary, Guaranteed: Made-to-Measure Toppers

Sleep Soundly with a Guaranteed Fit: Custom-Made Mattress Toppers

Transform your caravan, motorhome, or boat into a sleep sanctuary.

  • Guarantee icon: shield symbolizing peace of mind.

    5 Year Guarantee

    Rest easy knowing your investment in better sleep is protected.

  • Delivery truck icon representing fast and free delivery.

    Effortless Delivery

    Enjoy hassle-free, two-person delivery right to your doorstep (Free to most UK locations!)

  • Customer support headset icon for expert advice.

    Expert Mattress Advice

    Tap into our 36+ years of experience for personalized guidance.

  • White tick icon, representing quality NBF-sourced materials.

    Quality You Can Trust

    We use only the finest NBF-sourced materials for lasting comfort and durability.

Get Answers: Mattress Topper FAQs

Grandmother with a thoughtful expression considering various questions related to made-to-measure toppers.

Will a topper work on my existing mattress?

Our custom-fit toppers are designed to add a layer of comfort and support to your existing mattress. They're particularly helpful if your mattress feels too firm or lacks cushioning.

However, it's important to understand that a topper cannot fix a significantly damaged or sagging mattress. If your mattress has deep indentations or uneven support, a topper will conform to those imperfections rather than correcting them. In that case, replacing your mattress would be the best solution for long-term comfort.

How long will a topper last?

The lifespan of a mattress topper depends on the quality of materials, frequency of use, and how well it's cared for. Our high-quality toppers are designed to provide comfort and support for several years.

To back that up, we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our sleeping products, giving you peace of mind about your investment.

Do you have breathable mattress toppers for hot sleepers in caravans/motorhomes?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of staying cool for a good night's sleep. Our Coolsense topper is designed specifically for hot sleepers.

It contains Revo foam, which offers superior breathability compared to traditional memory foam. It's also softer and springier than memory foam, making it exceptionally comfortable.

Please note that Coolsense toppers are available in a 3" depth, and due to the specialized foam, they may be slightly more expensive than other options.

Do toppers come with a zip-removable cover?

Most of our toppers feature zip-removable covers for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This provides added convenience and helps extend the topper's lifespan.

We offer a small selection of toppers with a durable tape-edged bottom for that sleek, high-end mattress look.

Do you offer hypoallergenic or anti-microbial mattress toppers for caravans?

Yes! We prioritize your health and well-being, which is why we offer optional Viroclean® enhanced covers for both our memory foam and Coolsense toppers.

Viroclean® is a powerful treatment that not only protects against allergens, bacteria, and mould, but also provides specific antiviral protection against viruses like COVID-19, Influenza, and Swine Flu.

This gives you an extra layer of peace of mind when you choose our Viroclean® sleep products.

Custom Mattress Toppers for Caravans & Motorhomes: Your Questions Answered

I have a Swift caravan. Do you make custom toppers to fit?

Yes, we specialize in custom toppers for Swift caravans and many other popular brands.

Our toppers are designed to perfectly match your bed's unique shape for optimal comfort.

Do you offer mattress toppers for caravan French beds?

Yes! We understand that caravan French beds come with specific size requirements.

That's why we offer custom-made toppers to ensure a perfect fit and enhanced sleeping experience.

Do you have mattress toppers designed for motorhomes?

Absolutely! We understand the unique sleeping spaces in motorhomes, and our custom toppers are the perfect solution for maximizing comfort and achieving a perfect fit.

I have an island bed. Can I get a custom-fit mattress topper?

Yes, we specialize in creating custom-fit mattress toppers for island beds!

We understand the unique contours of these beds and can craft a topper that seamlessly follows the curves, providing enhanced comfort and a luxurious feel.

Campervan Mattress Toppers: Maximize Space & Comfort FAQs

Are your mattress toppers suitable for rock and roll beds?

Yes! Our made-to-measure toppers are perfect for rock and roll beds, adding cushioning and support whether the bed is extended or folded.

Can I find a mattress topper for my VW T5 or T6 campervan?

Definitely! We create custom toppers specifically tailored to VW T5, T6, California, and even vintage T25 campervans.

We understand the unique sleeping spaces in these models and can design a topper that offers a perfect fit and enhanced comfort for your travels.

I need a travel-friendly topper. Do you have roll-up options?

Yes! Our roll-up mattress toppers are designed for easy storage and transport, ideal for maximizing space in your caravan or campervan.